Loooong time, no post.

2017 has been super eventful year for me, not leaving much time to write here. As usual, work dominated most of my time and i added quite a few products to my CV.

Most importantly this year: I had a son, which in terms will be my biggest and most important programming project many years to come. Needless to say a lot of the hacks now aims at toys intended for him.

I attended SHA2017, where i started playing with PyQT5, went to a range of good talks which sparked interests in a bunch of new concepts like machine learning, that i am looking into more in 2018.

I bought a Kossel mini 3dprinter which i systematically broke every part on, redesigned and rebuilt. Once i am done upgrading the 3d printer, i decided i will build a 3d scanner too, so stay tuned.

I revamp the complete cooling system of my Honda CBR1000RR, crashed my Kawasaki Ninja 636, broke my hand, hacked the cast, ABS welded the fairing of the bike together again.

With all this 2017 have been packed with things to write about and the coming days i will start writing about these projects.

Here comes 2018, posts will follow soon!


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