So, you are surfing the fancy interwebs and stumbled upon my page. That’s awesome, and i am Jonas. This page will explore the topics of reverse engineering, prototyping and hacking, for one goal only: To make life better.

In the seventies and eighties things were quite different from how they are today. People used their ingenuity to fix things broken rather than just adding it to the garbage-pile once a tiny thing broke. In every television shipped, you could find the whole schematic included in a plastic folder on the inside of the TV. The company took pride in great products that would last you a lifetime if used correctly, but could also be repaired when broken. With products turning smaller and more advanced as the years rolls past this openness has turned the industry to even stop you from getting the most out of your products and to only last you as long as they need to sell you something else.

The openness with included schematic was replaced with a sticker saying “Warranty voided if seal is broken” and even the people riding on GPL-licensing will avoid to show you the code they used from the OSS-community, until someone threatens with legal action once exposed. And even then, they will only give you back what the community gave them. All IP are belong to them :)

I have no intention to hide what i find in this blog. If it’s a security-flaw the vendor(s) will be notified before a full exposure to allow the industry to get in pace before opening it up to the wolrd wide web, but once that is done this information belongs to us all.

Hope you like my page and some of the stuff about to be placed here.


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